Welcome to Eat 52 Lunches.

It’s fantastic that you’re here. Let’s give you a quick rundown on what Eat 52 Lunches is all about.

Eat52Lunches is a concept that came into mind after having lunch with a distant contact on LinkedIn a few months ago. Long story short, this lunch turned out to be seriously energising, motivating and (best of all) educational – without me having met or shared conversation with the other person before.

After the lunch, as I walked back to my office I wondered “Why can’t I have a lunch like that more often?”. I realised I could. It was in those couple of minutes that the idea for Eat 52 Lunches was born.

After mulling over this idea a bit more, I tried to pinpoint what exactly was so fantastic about that lunch. I came up with four reasons;

  1. She had extensive experience in her field
  2. She was in a senior position
  3. She wanted to share information; learning about me just as much as I was her
  4. She was an entirely new person that I’d never met which gave all conversation a refreshing perspective

So I kept thinking to myself, “What if I could do this every week? What if I could take lunch with someone with those qualities and learn a whole bunch of knowledge that I can use to further my own development? What if I document it all and share it with everyone I know? Wouldn’t that be amazing?”

What if I document it all and share it with everyone I know? Wouldn't that be amazing?

It turns out there was nothing stopping me doing just that. And I know it sounds cliche but…here we are.

So without too much more to say, I’d like to leave you to explore the blog and all that it has to offer. I hope know that you get something out of these wonderfully insightful interviews.

If you want to read more about the rules of the game, then head over here.

If you want to learn a little bit more about me, Sophia, then jump over here.

Enjoy! xx

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